Cat Islands

Once a friend mentioned something about a bunny island to us, and so we went and looked it up on youtube.  Sounds crazy, but there is actually a place inhabited by many rabbits.  But what is even more fascinating are the multiple cat populated islands in Japan.  Here is a little bit more information on this awesomely cute distraction on the internet.

Although articles or youtube videos may publicize that there is only one nekojima (or cat island,) in reality, there are multiple Japanese isles populated by numerous felines.  Have you ever seen a lucky cat figurine?  One would look like a chubby cat with its paw up, and a grin on its lips.  It is believed by a lot of people that cats can bring wealth, fortune, and prosperity.  Because of this belief, the stray cat populations have thrived and are rather robust.  In fact, many of the islands’ inhabitants are elderly and some are even considered “cat witches” or healers.  

Today cats videos are amongst the most watched on Youtube, but the general public in many countries did not always hold a favorable view of them.  For example, when witch hunts became an occurrence in the United States and England, many cats were systematically eradicated by governing systems.  There is a strong possibility that diseases spread because cats were no longer around in enough numbers to control populations of illness-carrying mice and vermin.

We may never be able to visit a nekojima, but their success and peace between nature and humanity are a great positive example of what humans are capable of achieving.  

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