Some Favorite Themes from Anime Series

Even if you may not understand Japanese, most anime fans have a distinct appreciation for the value of a good and comprehensive soundtrack when it comes time for a program to open, or come to a close.

Have you ever heard of Yu Yu Hakusho?  If you like fighting animes and are feeling nostalgic, then this program is probably right for you.  Throughout its entire run as an anime adapted from a manga series, there is only one opening theme song.  With this opening track’s easy-to-follow and singalong vocals, Japanese singer-songwriter Matsuko Mawatari’s “Hohoemi no Bakudan (Smile Bomb)” has been reeling in giddy listeners since 1992.  The energetic brass sections and funky guitar beats are inviting but reminiscent of friendships and long journeys– perfect for the pacing of battles and funny characters in-between.

Maybe fighting isn’t your style though.  If you are more of the intellectual type looking for a great mystery to solve, then The Perfect Insider is just the fit.  From Hiroshi Mori’s novel in 1996, the cases of Saikawa-sensei and Moe-san have since been adapted into a visual novel, TV drama series, and anime series.  While the drama adaptation’s opening song is incredibly repetitive and catchy, the anime’s opening “Talking” by Kana-boon is a force to be reckoned with.  It begins with an infectious bass riff that keeps on building during the verses, and the androgynous vocals of the lead singer also make this song feel like anyone can dance to it while tuning in for this week’s new episode.


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