Emphasis of Live Music Performance in Japanese Culture

Since the big boom of commercialism in the United States, it seems like the only feasible way to make yourself a part of the music industry is by buying your way in or gaining exposure through biased singing competitions.  Musicians everywhere like Foo Fighter’s artist Dave Grohl oppose events like that which turn musical performers on each other instead of encouraging a sense of community amongst its members.  Music should never be about winning a game; it is supposed to be about people getting a chance to express themselves with a type of media that cannot easily be judged.  Most individuals experience judgement at the hands of society and corporate culture, so why are we letting this extend to our arts?

One aspect that we found interesting about Japanese culture besides how easy it is to watch anime online, is that in most genres of music (aside from pop,) there seems to be a hard line between what makes a musician and what makes someone an entertainer.  Popular girl groups and boy bands are seen more as entertainers because most viewers understand that what they see on television is for the sake of selling a pleasant image.

But if you want to be considered a musician by those who are respected for their musical skills, live performance is a must.  Practice is even more essential before lives when you are playing together with a band; if you need help with your gear, http://www.ateammoving.net/ can assist in moving things around.  We have so much respect for the bands and artists who take to the streets of Japan almost every single day; they play music and put themselves out there not for attention, but because they pretty much just live for the love of their music.  An example of a musician like this is artist Mori Megumi, who does street lives almost every day and it shows– she never misses a beat.



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