Move your Piano and other Musical Instruments

Especially if you are a member of a full rock band, getting your instruments from one place to another can be difficult without the help of others.    Especially if the only available vehicles are not large cars, you will have your work cut out for you hauling two to three electric guitars with both cabinets and amps, a bass with its rig, as well as a (hopefully) full acoustic drum set.  

Performing at live shows is the essence of being a musician as it allows us to truly connect to our audience members, but the one-day move from point A to B is exhausting.  Not only is there the job of finding the right truck (or trailer and trailer hitch) by calling around all of your friends and family for a personal favor, you also have to stack all the gear in the trunk correctly so nothing gets damaged during the ride.  And somehow remember how you organized everything when it comes time to pack up and head home after the show.

The difficulty of a full-band set up is probably why it seems like most musical performances for the public often feature a more bare-bones acoustic stage.  But for all our pianists out there, we know there is actually no good substitution for a good, old-fashioned acoustic piano.  When it comes time to call professional piano moving services, see the people at  Forget about two guys and a truck coming to your house.  If you are a part of the Richmond, California area then you qualify to get move services from the Wildcat Movers– where speed is their middle name.  Whether you have a standard stand-up piano or the much more heavy and valuable grands and baby grands, you can rest assured knowing that you were recommended by fellow musical artists and your “baby” will be safe.

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