Thanks to Anime Teams Worldwide

Watching anime and being a fan of it is all good fun.  We love to talk about our favorite series, movies, and music with lots of other people we meet at events like animation conventions.  It is a great way to also bring confidence for those who are more introverted because the anime fan community is generally very supportive.

But when many of us live so far away from places like Tokyo, it can be difficult to grasp the hours of stressful work that go into our favorite programs.  I often hear of many individuals in the Western world who would love to be voice actors for English dubs of their favorite series.  But the truth is that there is more to the to this form of art than meets the eye.  The voice acting industry is extremely competitive when it comes to the original Japanese audio of a show– there are only a handful of artists who dominate.  On the other hand when it comes to the English or foreign language dubbing of a program, the main reason the performance suffers is because of low funding and not enough time to read the script.

Lately, there are more animated series that try to shed light on the stress of working in the manga or anime business.  Often the artists are the ones who get hounded by managers to always follow deadlines.  But do most of us really understand how difficult it is to constantly create content better than the last project, all of that with a manager who consistently nags?  So thank you so much to all of the team members out there who make our fandom possible.  Your jobs are crazy difficult and often overlooked.

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