Themed Cafes in East Asia

Part of what makes musicians and other artists of media good at what they do, is the ability to transport audiences and spectators to different places, feelings, or memories.  Cartoon and Japanese animation cover bands can make those who stop and take a listen to their music feel like they have their own little piece of Japan.  Not all of us have the money to go overseas.  And especially when it comes to travel to mega urban centers such as Tokyo or Seoul, most everyday people do not have the time or finances to stay for very long.

In these types of towns that draw so many people, everyday city dwellers need a way to unwind.  There are manga cafes for example.  Visitors often pay by the hour to have a cubicle with internet access, some additional amenities, and a large selection of manga to read.  Although as the economy has declined, these manga cafes with the affordable prices have also become temporary living quarters.

For those who want something else, there are also cat cafes.  When you order a drink from this cafe, you have the opportunity to be surrounded by kitties that you can have around for a little while to pet all of your stress away.

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