Top 3 Anime Fan Goods to Hide from Mom

We have met a lot of people over the years from events that let us share our common fandom of Japanese music, animation, artwork, and even some cartoon covers.  Part of the reason those meet-ups and events are so fun is that our normal, everyday lives are not quite as awesome as it would be if we went to anime high school in cosplay.  Although an appreciation and love of that part of culture is more accepted in some places, in the Western world, the mothers and fathers of people in their thirties (age-wise) will definitely scratch their heads in confusion.

If you should ever choose to move as a Japanese animation otaku, it would be best to call a professional company like  rather than asking anyone who may judge you for your fan gear.  There have been plenty of folks who have made this mistake, and ended up with a huge scolding from their mothers who just don’t get it like the fan community does.

Here is a top 3 list of anime fan goods to keep away from mom:

  1.  Tentacle animations.  We won’t go into detail about what this means.  But for those of you who have already taken a gander and like what you see, we hope everything works out for you in the end.
  2. Anything school girl related.  Although school girl things are widespread and will not bring up any inappropriate thoughts to those who already have a few anime series under their belt, the older generations will just take it the wrong way.  It will just take too long to explain the whole cultural significance of high school settings, coming-of-age tales and how this ties in with learning about world cultures.
  3. Cosplay weapon props.  Especially if you choose to purchase professional-grade props for your latest costume project, your mother may have herself a bit of a heart attack until you explain yourself.

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