Video games & music connection

Le Canne Sampei is a band that has fun jamming out to their carefully chosen setlist of cartoon or Japanese anime covers.  Getting the word out there about your music at first can be extremely difficult, especially if you are not a naturally outgoing performer.  And it seems like a lot of the people who are able to premier on television just find the right hookups in the business.  So other than getting up on stage, where does that really leave the animation-themed music groups, solos, and ensembles to have a way to express themselves?

Recently gaining more traction by video game and software services such as steam, visual novels are quickly becoming the type of video game for novice story writers, artist, animators, and/or song writers.  There has already been software created on the market that allows someone new to video game design, but familiar with file organization, to easily make their own adventure.

Visual novels are often like choose your own adventure stories.  However, what makes them different from what the American style of the genre, is that the stories, characters, and themes are stylized like Japanese animation and manga.  Often, the music will play a key role in setting mood and tone that will make the rest of the game believable for the player.  So, if any of you aspiring musicians and other media artists are looking for a way to get started quickly and cheaply at home, video games are the new avenue for multiple possibilities.

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